Adobe Flash Player GUI – Install the latest version on Linux Mint

Adobe Flash Player - Install the latest version on Linux MintDespite the fact that the days of Flash are coming to the end and on many sites it is long since superseded by more modern and safe HTML5 elements and javascript, sometimes it is still used, so you need Flash Player from Adobe in your system.In 2012 Adobe announced that they will no longer release new versions of its NPAPI (Firefox), and PPAPI (Chrome) plugin for Linux, will only be shipped critical updates for the version of Adobe Flash 11.7. But at the end of 2016, it was reported that the company intends to continue to develop. Currently available version 26. Now let’s consider how to install flash player in Linux Mint.
If you have an old version of Linux Mint or for some reason you have not updated Flash, you can install without any problems, also install the GUI package to control Flash settings.

sudo apt install adobe-flashplugin adobe-flash-properties-gtk
With this utility, you can configure access rights to the camera, microphone, as well as the cache of internal storage Adobe Flash: