How to find your Linux Mint version?

How to find your Linux Mint versionIn this small article we will talk about how to see the version of Linux via the terminal and some utilities for this purpose, and in which configuration files can be found there.In fact, for this purpose there are many methods, from basic characteristics and to open a file and just view version and distribution name. Consider only the most popular ones.
1. First of all let’s find out distribution name and version if possible. To this end we will look at the contents of files in the folder /etc/:

cat /etc/*-release
How to find your Linux Mint version2. GUI utility – System info
How to find your Linux Mint version3. Use of third party tools such as Hardinfo or I-Nex
4. Interesting and quick way to get all the information about the system:
inxi -F
My old laptop))))
How to find your Linux Mint version Add in comments different ways to check versions)))
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2021 years ago

My personal favorite is screenfetch, which shows current version along with a lot of other system info. Here\’s a link to the mintguide on screenfetch: