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How to quickly erase all data on HDD or SSD?

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How to quickly erase data on disk
In fact, we strongly condemn any illegal actions. But this principle applies in civilized countries with highly developed judicial systems. And what about those lucky ones who live in countries where state can put you to jail for a retweet?
One enthusiast, fascinated by neodymium magnets, offered a curious scheme - the hard drive is removed from the body, but continues to hang on the wire. As soon as the policemen cut down the light and begin to knock the door, the citizen takes two powerful neodymium magnet and applies to the disk from different directions.
A powerful magnetic field formed around the plates securely erases all the information. CSI will remain to breed only hands the data can not be recovered. Look at the magnetic field lines, taken with magnetoscope:
How to quickly erase data on disk
This wonderful scheme is only one drawback — it does not work. When experts decided to test the idea in practice, were very surprised to find that a modern hard disk, strong magnetic fields will not frighten — all data has been read after "destruction".
So. How, urgently to erase the disc?
Of course, an effective way has been found. Hard drive outside the computer case, as in the previous scheme. Near the disc is a special tool physical impact — hammer! When the chain dogs of the regime start hitting the door, hard disk drive, easy hand movement, it disconnects from the computer and placed on a flat and solid surface. Ideal concrete floor. Further, the sledgehammer a few times coincide with the body of the disc. Voila! The disk cannot be restored. The advantage of this method is that it is effective against and SSD, as well as any computer equipment.
How to quickly erase data on disk
Is there a more effective way to destroy data on disk? Yes. And it consists in the drilling of a certain number of through holes in the HDD/SSD as it was shown in one of the last episodes of the series Mr. Robot.
May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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