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5 Reasons You Need to Switch to Linux Mint

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5 Reasons You Need to Switch to Linux Mint
If you are looking for and easy, compatible, safe, fast and above all reliable operating system, Linux Mint is a great option. I have read many questions on internet forums seeking advice for the advance yet easy OS and the answer is – Linux Mint. I can brief you few reasons why one should try Linux Mint.
1.FREE Installation, Updates and Easy to Use
Yes it is! Right from the free installation to user friendly interface, Linux mint provides an easy platform for the user to use all its software and apps. The installed version comes up with all the basic essential software and apps. The interface is easy and very similar to Windows XP, Vista which will give the user a ready to use without any training kind of feeling. Also you can update your Linux with no more than few minutes unlike in usual windows where you have to wait for hours and then go for a restart. Here in Linux Mint, the update is easy, fast and won't remove the old apps.
2.No Need of Latest Hardware
If you are planning to replace your system to enjoy the latest apps and software, you can still drop your plan and try Mint. It can run all the latest browsers and apps in the old pc systems. Moreover, the compatibility of Linux Mint with the hardware is very smooth and the user will face no interruptions and little or no configuration.
3.Fast and Secure
Have you interfaced installing latest windows on your old pc? You must have seen the heavy latest windows usually damps your PC response and makes it slow. But with Linux Mint you can feel the advantage of the latest windows apps and with no crawling speed. The booting duration of Linux mint is in few seconds and you can quickly log in. Also, in comparison to windows, Mint is safer to malwares and viruses. Even though there are virus, bugs for Linux but the chances of getting infected is very slim once you keep the Linux updated and keep tabs on what and who gets super-user privileges.
4.Easy Management of Software and Friendly Interface
Linux Mint comes with the facility of Software Manager where like an app store you can find apps and games with just one click. This is very simple for the user using windows where the apps have to be searched and the downloaded from the websites. Linux has traditional interface where all the title bars, menu bars are in same places as in Windows XP.
5.Ubuntu Based and Renowned Distro
Ubuntu is one of the most widely used version of desktop Linux. This implies, the software developers write codes for their software keeping Ubuntu in focus. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu. This implies all the software, games which runs on Ubuntu will also run on Linux. When it comes to the popularity, Linux Mint is one of the most popular Distro. This means, there are millions of the users of Linux mint facing common troubleshooting issues and its solutions. You can get a huge platform of millions of people if you want to discuss anything regarding Linux Mint. With Linux Mint, you are definitely not alone.

So, if you have ever given a thought to replace the window of your PC, Linux mint is the definitely a Must Try OS. At least give it a try. Remember, it is FREE and EASY.
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