/ Setup the mouse scroll wheel speed

Setup the mouse scroll wheel speed



My very good friend asked me to help him install Linux Mint beside Windows 10. After the installation he enjoyed it, but a quick scroll through pages in any application was very bad for my friend. I began to look for a solution. After a short search I found the IMWHEEL utility (available in the standard repositories). And found a convenient solution for use of this utility.


I do manipulations ,for example, my favorite shell to Cinnamon. Be sure to check whether the settings of scrolling in your shell. In my opinion, I've heard that those settings are in the KDE shell. But I could be wrong.


1. Install IMWHEEL

sudo apt install imwheel

2. I found an interesting script that facilitates the configuration utility. (Thanks to Nick from
install this script (single command)

cd ~/; wget -O; chmod +x; sh; exit

Setup the mouse scroll wheel speed

3. Startup. To utility imwheel worked at every system startup, add imwheel to startup list.

Setup the mouse scroll wheel speedSetup the mouse scroll wheel speed

On my computer it worked after reboot.

Many wireless mice scroll wheel begins to work normally once unplugged the USB and plug in again.

Good Luck!!!

4-08-2016, 17:48
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