» Rules for adding news to

Rules for adding news to

General rules:
1. Important! On our site NOT published: porn, movies, software, games, files and other warez in any form. We also do not publish news with links to file hosting services for horse racing. Don't waste your and our time, as the news will be deleted and their author is punished with a lifetime ban without warning.
2. Important: advertising reviews, videos and other news advertising are published on a paid basis, the details on the page advertising. Please do not add such materials on their own. They will be removed. Take care of your and our time.
3. Important: think carefully whether Your interesting news to other people.
4. Important: try not to send to the site to copy-paste from other sites. Want to add news - do it properly and correctly. Make your text, even if it will be a compilation of texts from other sources, but improved and redesigned. In addition, if and copy, you must indicate the source.
5. Next, be sure to use the search function to avoid duplicating existing news. If the news is not found, this doesn't mean that no such news. Try to search not on a news title, and keyword, because maybe the news was called a little differently.
6. The headline should be informative; firsr letter capitalized, then all the letters in one register, i.e., it is Desirable that the title succinctly conveyed the meaning of the news.
7. Make sure you choose the category of news.
8. Important: the News gets to the site not immediately, it is moderated. The moderator can add it immediately, and can be uploaded on a later date, and may remove for the reason that the news is repeated, incorrectly drawn, or just does not fit the format of our website. Please do not be offended if the news is removed.
9. To check for added or deleted your post, go to your profile, there will be a list of news awaiting moderation. In addition, there you can edit not yet moderated news.


Important! Adding the code to execute in the terminal make SURE you use the button CODE.

sudo apt-get update


I. Rules of adding images:
 1. Before you upload images to the server, be sure to rename them in a normal list view, preferably in the sense of fasting, i.e. : if the post - compilation of jokes, then rename images masterpdf-1.jpg, masterpdf-2.jpg and so on. Or simply numbers from 1 to 25, for example.
Bad names: 78976fas97d6f98as76df8976asd89f76asd897f69asd78.jpg, 769_76576586_876876_3423.jpg
Good names: linuxmint-15.jpg, 22.jpg, install-grub-7.jpg
 Maximum allowed size for uploaded images is 400 kilobytes.
 2. Important: Image must not contain logos and advertising signs other sites. The exception is the copyright of the photographers or news agencies.


II. Rules for adding video:
 On our website there is a video with only one video-hosting. It youtube.
 In the full news paste the code for your video, or at least a link to a video and our moderators will do the rest.
 If the video from YouTube, use the YOUTUBE button, it will insert code into the form
 where instead of http:// specify a direct link to the video, it looks like this:
 If you have a direct link to the video file, use the VIDEO button, it will insert code into the form

 where instead of http:// specify a direct link to the video, it looks like this:

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