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GdMap - Graphical Disk Map on Linux Mint

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GdMap - Graphical Disk Map on Linux MintGdMap - Graphical Disk Map on Linux Mint

GdMap - Graphical Disk Map utility to display the occupied disk space. Allows you to quickly select the directories and files that occupy the most space.

In GdMap you choose the directory that you want to view. The program graphically displays the contents of the directory. Each file or folder represented by a separate rectangle. The larger the file size, the larger the rectangle. Thus you can immediately see those objects that take up the most disk space.

If you hover your mouse over the rectangle, it will display the path and the size of the object (file or folder). If you double click on the rectangle, then you go to the directory where you placed the file.
The program has several settings. You can slightly change the appearance of the displayed rectangles.

GdMap - Graphical Disk Map on Linux Mint 

Installation into Linux Mint:

sudo apt-get install gdmap

Good Luck!!!

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