Upgrade from Linux Mint 17 to 17.1

Upgrade from Linux Mint 17 to 17.1

Released an official update Linux Mint 17Qianato Linux Mint 17.1Rebecca Stable through MintUpdate in the update Manager.
But if Linux Mint 17Qianaeverything works stably, smoothly and you are satisfied, you can not do the upgrade to Linux Mint 17.1Rebecca, Mint 17 and Mint 17.1 will be supported equally until 2019.

But if you are not satisfied with something or you’re just out of curiosity decided to upgrade the system, open the update Manager and click refresh to check for new versions MintUpdate.

Upgrade from Linux Mint 17 to 17.1

Now click Install updates. Once updated, you should see a list of programs to update. Click in the menu Manager updates on the edit button and select the Upgrade to Linux Mint 17.1Rebecca:

Upgrade from Linux Mint 17 to 17.1

And follow the upgrade instructions:

Upgrade from Linux Mint 17 to 17.1

After the update is complete, restart the computer to start using Linux Mint 17.1Rebecca.

Additional info

  • The same upgrade path will be available for the Xfce and KDE editions, after they are released as stable 17.1.
  • Although Linux Mint 17.1 features a newer kernel than the one used in the 17 release, this upgrade does not change the kernel on your behalf. This is a decision only you should take. Should you decide to upgrade to 17.1′s recommended kernel you can do so by applying the “linux-kernel-generic” update, post-upgrade. (Update manager=>View=>Linux Kernelchoose the recommended kernel and press the Install button.
  • Although they are featured in the 17.1 release, this upgrade doesn’t automatically include “retro” backgrounds and backgrounds for Maya, Nadia, Olivia and Petra. They represent a significant amount to download so the choice to do so was left to you. These backgrounds are provided via packages which name start with “mint-backgrounds”. You can download the DEB packages and install. 

    Upgrade from Linux Mint 17 to 17.1

Good luck!!!


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