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Proprietary NVIDIA driver 331.49 on Ubuntu/Linux Mint

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NVIDIA 331.49

NVIDIA has released an update proprietary NVIDIA driver 331.49 belonging to the category of stable branches with a long term support. The driver is available for Linux (ARM, x86, x86-64), FreeBSD (x86, x86-64) and Solaris (x86-64).

The features of the issue

-Added support for the following GPUs: GeForce GT 710, GeForce 825M

-Fixed a regression that prevented nvidia-installer clean directory created when you install the driver.

-Added new configuration option "InbandStereoSignaling" to enable/disable in-band stereo signal DisplayPort. 

-Fixed a bug that resulted PBO-download cubic surfaces cards removed incorrect data.

-In nvidia-installer fixed a bug that could lead to a false error message when you cancel the installation of the NVIDIA kernel module or source files for the kernel module.

-Added experimental support for images ARGB GLX if you enable Xinerama and Composite on X.Org xserver 1.15.

Installing the linux nvidia driver 331.49 on Linux Mint
If you have previously installed the driver from the repository connection, you probably should get it updated to version 331.49 through regular updates of the system.
For those who establishes for the first time NVIDIA 331.49, open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T), copy and run the following commands to connect repository and install the driver:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install nvidia-331 nvidia-settings

Once the installation, activation of the Nvidia 331.49, you must close all applications and restart the computer:

sudo reboot

After new login, you can check which driver to use the system at the moment in the Additional drivers.

NVIDIA driver 331.49NVIDIA driver 331.49

Good Luck!!!

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