How to update Cinnamon to the latest version

How to update Cinnamon to the latest version

The development team of Linux Mint announced the release of the desktop environment Cinnamon 2.6.
May 15 was produced by freezing new features (feature-freeze) for the new version free graphical shell for Cinnamon – 2.6. The official release has not yet been announced, but it will happen soon.
The update contains a large number of innovations, such as support for systemd, panels for multiple monitors, rendering Windows on the client side and many others.
The main novelty of this release is the support for systemd, which is included in dconf address: org.cinnamon.desktop.session use-systemd. Entrance via MDM is not yet supported, use LightDM.

Among other innovations in Cinnamon 2.6:

  • support panels for configurations with multiple monitors (configured individually for each monitor);
  • the ability to add third-party search services;
  • improved support for Windows with decorations on the client side (client-side-decorated; only for GTK+ 3.12 and above);
  • advanced (fully ported surrounded Cinnamon) tooltip when clicking on the multimedia keys (volume control, screen brightness, etc.);
  • added drawing of a tile tooltips (you can now configure their size, and they operate more smoothly).
Note. If you don’t want to test Cinnamon 2.6 now, it is better not to add repository to Unstable packages (romeo), and wait for the official release. Don’t forget about the paragraph 8 of article 10 tips to avoid messing up your Linux Mint.

Update Cinnamon 2.6 in Linux Mint 17.1:
1. Open Software sources.
2. Check the box in Unstable packages (romeo).
3. Click to Refresh the cache.

How to update Cinnamon to the latest version

4. Open the Update manager, clickrefresh, then Install updates.

How to update Cinnamon to the latest version

5. Once updated, you can check the updated version of Cinnamon in the program System info or in the terminal with the command:

cinnamon --version

How to update Cinnamon to the latest version

6. Don’t forget to disable the romeo repository:

How to update Cinnamon to the latest version

Good Luck!!!

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