Oracle Java in Linux Mint

Oracle Java in Linux Mint

After more than two years of development, Oracle has released the Java SE platform 8 (Java Platform, Standard Edition, 8), as the reference implementation which uses the open project OpenJDK. In Java SE 8 stored full backward compatibility with previous releases of the Java platform, all previously written Java projects without changes will be efficient at running the new version.

Initially the release of the Java SE 8 was planned to release in September 2013, but the development schedule has been changed in connection with the decision on conducting an extraordinary work to strengthen the Java security 7, which were deployed by many involved in the development of Java 8 engineers.

New in Java SE 8:

  • Integration support Lisp-like lambda expressions (“closure”)developed in the framework of the project Lambda. Extensions of the standard libraries means for parallel execution of operations on data streams, aims to simplify writing code for multi-core processors;
  • Support compact profile for deployment on the equipment of resource-constrained applications that do not require all components of the platform;
  • New build system based on Autoconf;
  • Integration Nashorn, lightweight and high-performance javascript engine, running on top of the Java virtual machine (JVM);
  • New API for working with dates and time. New Calendar and Locale API;
  • Recurring annotation (Repeating Annotations), allowing to apply the same type annotation more than once in the same Declaration or application type.
  •  Type annotation, providing the possibility of using annotations wherever you use types, and not just in the Declaration;
  • New package with classes, rendering Stream API with support for operations in the style of functional programming on streams of elements;
  • Increasing productivity HashMaps in conditions of occurrence of collisions;
  • Improved encryption: Enable default TLS 1.2 on the client side. Strengthening of algorithms for encryption with passwords. Support SNI (Server Name Indication) in the JSSE Server to provide access via an encrypted connection to the virtual hosts on one IP. Support hash SHA-224 and block cipher AEAD (Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data). A new class to configure CRL checking X.509. The hardware-accelerated AES encryption Intel processor;
  • Numerous improvements in JavaFX, including new controls DatePicker and TreeTableView, class SwingNode to embed content Swing, the new theme Modena, package javafx.print API for printing, class WebView class ScheduledService, support for the ARM architecture, significant expansion of tools for working with 3D graphics (3D form, camera, light, subscene, materials, antialiasing);
  • The inclusion of Java DB 10.10;
  • In the java.lang and java.util packages added tools for parallel arrays sorting and encoding/decoding Base64.

Install Java 8 into Linux Mint
Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T), copy and execute the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-installer
After installation, you can check the version of the Java command in the terminal:
java -version
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