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Install Linux Kernel 4.13 (Stable) on Linux Mint

Install Linux Kernel 4.12 (Stable) on Linux MintLinus Torvalds introduced the Linux kernel 4.13. You can download the relevant deb packages from HERE and install them. Or just follow the instructions given below that will help you to install a new kernel.

Warning. The Linux kernel is a critical element of the system. To do the upgrade costs when one of your hardware devices is not working properly, and the new kernel may fix this problem. But at the same time installing a new kernel unnecessarily can lead to undesirable regressions, such as: no network connection, no sound or even the inability to boot the system, so install a new kernel on your own risk.

The easiest way to install any kernel - program UKUU

Install UKUU on Linux Mint.
sudo apt-add-repository -y ppa:teejee2008/ppa 
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ukuu
Reminder to users of computers with Nvidia/AMD. Before installing the kernel, it is advisable to switch to the free driver.

If you decide to delete the kernel 4.13,
1. When the computer boots, the GRUB menu, select your old kernel. After booting the system, remove the new kernel by command below
2. Use program UKUU or command:
sudo apt purge linux-image-4.13-*
3. And update GRUB or BURG
sudo update-grub
To return to the previous kernel when booting Grub select Previous Linux versions
Good Luck!!!

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CarlTorn 20 September 2017 11:54
I'm totaly new on kernels. Is it safe to install or is it better to wait for LinuxMint update?
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Shekin 20 September 2017 12:34
If All devices are working properly, if at all works well, - better not to update. You better update the current kernel to the latest version through Update Manager.
x64 Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon
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ale 12 October 2017 10:41
pptp connections are not working with kernel 4.13 for me.
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LM-User4de 19 October 2017 09:15
Hi, you are describing the installation of kernel 4.13 per ukuu. I have been using the tool for a long time and I can only recommend it because it is very comfortable!
Apart from that, on a notebook I have HP Zbook 15u with LM18.2 since the kernel version 4.12 + the problem that the Wifi interface is not supported. The last kernel that does this on the device is 4.11. *. Of course, I researched the internet and tried to find an adequate solution. It didn't work out, unfortunately. Nothing with GitHup, nothing with ubuntu/Canonical, nothing with HP and so on. Do you have any tips on how to solve the problem?
Greetings from Germany!

Old Europe first! Yeah, man,' cause it's just us who got the... uh, are the greatest! Only that nobody wears a dead white blonde guinea pig as a status symbol on his head. We have all "Mutti's" felt matte over the bald head! :))

Hey, man, my English isn't that good. I prefer to use my mother tongue! It may sound funny, but it's like this! ;)
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LM-User4de 25 October 2017 05:54
Hi, I found the solution. The HP firmware was not installed. On you may find the correct firmware. For HP devices with Intel chipset, also available on
The following entry "$ inxi -F && dmesg | grep -i error" (without ") in the terminal shows the installed hardware and any errors.
Good luck to you!
PS: Of course I do not assume any liability and do not claim the completeness of my information! ;)
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