/ black boot screen after installing video driver

black boot screen after installing video driver

I am not going to repeat on how you need to choose a video driver to install it on your computer, it is written HERE

Once it so happened that after installing the proprietary drivers and restart the computer, have ended up with a black screen, do not worry. Without leaving the "black screen" make the deletion the driver from your favorite Linux Mint OS:
1. Log in to a virtual console by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1.
2. After console login enter your username and password.
3. Run the command to uninstall the driver:
For Nvidia:

sudo apt-get remove nvidia-xxx

Note. Instead of xxx enter the version of the driver installed ( nvidia-340, nvidia-331, etc., which you have installed).
For AMD:

sudo apt-get remove fglrx*

4. After uninstalling the driver restart the computer with the command:

sudo reboot

After reboot the system should boot successfully on the free driver.
PS. Commands for use in virtual console you need to remember, and it is better to write down on a piece of paper, because copy nowhere will.
Good luck.

27-06-2016, 09:13
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