Linux Mint system boot statistics
System boot statistics or Linux system boot time is the time that is counted from the start of the system boot to the display of the desktop with all its attributes.
Russian roulette in Linux

Russian roulette in Linux

While windows break system and flickering blue screens of death, the life of a Linux user is as stable as the life of the Russians under Vladimir Putin. Want thrills? Play Russian roulette on linux!
qSoftwareCenter - simply Software Center
qSoftwareCenter (Qt4 Software Center) - a simple Python/Qt (PyQT) GUI for APT/dpkg, the installation center application for Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint, and compatible modifications.
Ubuntu Cleaner - Keep your system clean
Ubuntu Cleaner is designed for cleaning the unwanted or non-working files, temporary Internet files created by popular web browsers or programs and for cleaning the wrong type extensions files that
What commands you should never use in Linux?
Linux users - the people cheerful. We love to joke. Unfortunately, some of the jokes on the Linux newbies sometimes end with the destruction of the system and the victim no longer a laughing matter.
Linux Mint 18 - review, what's new?
Linux Mint 18, this is the second release with long term support, which is based on a batch basis Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Since Linux Mint 17, the distribution moved to the new scheme of formation of
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