» » Belissim - light blue theme icons on Linux Mint

Belissim - light blue theme icons on Linux Mint

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Belissim - light blue theme icons on Linux Mint

A blue folder theme for Linux, good work with gtk arc theme. Bellissim - a promising new theme icons for Linux – is far from complete, but promising.



Bellissim developed for GTK-themes Arc and at first glance looks pretty good. The downside is that the icon set was created more recently and covers only a small number of applications, including GIMP, Nautilus and Gedit. It is inherited from Ubuntu Mono Dark icons on top panel are painted in bright colors, and most of the icons of the applications (Firefox, Geary, Corebird and so on) use their standard icon or option.

Belissim - light blue theme icons on Linux MintBelissim - light blue theme icons on Linux Mint

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

1. Download

2. Unpack to ~/.icons in your Home folder

3. Enable icons in theme options

Good Luck!!!

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