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Uniform Icon Theme - Great 16 sets of icons

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Uniform Icon Theme - Great 16 icon sets

Installing a set of icons Uniform, you will not be bored as having 16 sets of icons, you can easily refresh your desktop in Linux more than a month in advance. Very happy fresh colors for the indicators, each has its own free coloring.

After you install this set , you will see a selection of icons Uniform (Uniform+, Uniform+ blue folder, Uniform+ green folder, Uniform+ grey folder, Uniform+ inkscape naked orange Uniform+ lime Uniform+ purple folder, Uniform+ symbolic blue Uniform+ symbolic fuchsia, Uniform+ symblic green Uniform+ symbolic light-blue Uniform+ symbolic orange Uniform+ symbolic red Uniform+ symbolic white Uniform+ turquoise folder and Uniform+ white and red).

In the set we have 16 sets of icons listed above. Each set has a unique colour pattern for icons in your home directory and other application icons in the system. What makes this set of icons, distinguished by the fact that he has all of the icons have no uniform format, they are all different shapes, no square icons or the same round. The author created this set of icons has a free imagination, looking at other icons and create something of their own unique, although the form is free format, but the icons look very attractive. Icons are very neat, looks a bit convex, which gives them a shape.

Uniform Icon Theme - Great 16 sets of iconsUniform Icon Theme - Great 16 sets of icons

Uniform Icon Theme - Great 16 sets of iconsUniform Icon Theme - Great 16 sets of icons

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/icons2
sudo apt update
sudo apt install uniform-icons

Good Luck!!!

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