OSX-Arc-Shadow – flat theme collection based on arc

OSX-Arc-Shadow - flat theme collection based on arc

OSX-Arc theme collection (White, Darker and Shadow) is based on the arc theme with elements from the latest OSX theme, as well as support for GTK 3 and GTK 2 interface element libraries (framework) and themes running in the desktop environment: XFCE, Mate, Cinnamon, excluding KDE.OSX-Arc Original Theme Collection by LinxGem33
The OSX-Arc collection is now officially supported on Github you can find it by clicking on the link below, among the collection is OSX-Arc-White , OSX-Arc-Darker & OSX-Arc-Shadow among a few more projects I’m currently working on.
Github Link – https://github.com/LinxGem33
Optimized from the original Arc theme:
Link – https://github.com/horst3180/arc-theme
With special thanks to horst3180 and; ManjaroCinnamonFan for their contribution which inspired & allowed me to follow a new direction..
New: v1.4.7

  • Shell update
  • fixed and aligned borders
  • aligned symbolic icons (arch)
  • Updated gnome css
  • reworked calendar colour on gtk-3.26+
  • Updated gtk-3.26
  • Various bug fixes
  • Code clean up
OSX-Arc-Shadow - flat theme collection based on arc

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
1. Download latest version (deb file)
2. Install and activate new theme in System Settings

OSX-Arc-Shadow - flat theme collection based on arc

May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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chetan Upare
chetan Upare
2022 years ago

link not working