Theme “Box” of Lubuntu now supports GNOME Shell and Unity

Theme "BoxTheme "Box"

Users Lubuntu will find some improvements made in the standard theme, after the update later this month. But the benefit from upgrading themes receive not only users lightweight desktop environment. The latest release Box – version 0.45 – now fully supports other desktop environments, including GNOME-Shell, Xfce and Unity.

As for other changes in version 0.45, Box got dark panel option, including icons right color; also appeared more than a little Openbox theme-a version of the theme, but there are also two variants of the sizes of the window controls.
The full list of changes from version 0.44:

*GTK-theme was dark panel

*Bright icons panel for use with a dark theme

*Large and small versions of window controls

*Complete set of “factory” of icons

*Fixes in GTKheaderbar

*Full support for Unity, XFCE and Gnome Shell

*Additional icons for third-party applications

Installation into Linux Mint:

1. First, add the repository to automatically update themes
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lubuntu-art/dailysudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
2. Install theme
cd /usr/share/themes && sudo wget && sudo tar -xvf box_theme.tar.gz && sudo rm box_theme.tar.gz
3. Install icons
cd /usr/share/icons && sudo wget && sudo tar -xvf box_icons.tar.gz && sudo rm box_icons.tar.gz
4. Activate light or dark theme 

Theme "Box" of Lubuntu now supports GNOME Shell and Unity

Theme "Box" of Lubuntu now supports GNOME Shell and Unity

That’s all, good Luck!!!

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