FreeFileSync – comparing and synchronizing the files in the directories in Linux Mint


FreeFileSync is a free program that allows to compare and synchronize folders in Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. is fast and convenient user interface. You can compare files by size and date, and content. Able to handle files larger than 4GB. Supports 64-bit operating system and offers a portable version for all platforms.

Characteristics FreeFileSync:

*Quickly and qualitatively synchronizes folders without any data loss.

*Can be synchronized any number of files.

*Copy rights to files and directories.

*Subfolders are synchronized, including the empty directory.

*Detects moved, renamed, conflicting files and offers to remove them.

*Supports byte-by-byte comparison.

*Simple and accessible user interface. Optimized to increase speed and work with a large amount of data. Has a great selection of features. Drag & drop support, command line and other

*Supports network.

*The filter functionality, which includes and excludes files for synchronization.

*Different types of synchronization settings: automatic mode (changes are 2 directories at once), mirroring (one folder is similar to another), the update mode (copying the modified and new files) and manual mode. Scheduled synchronization.

*Support of several pairs of folders.

Installation into Linux Mint:

Download portable version. Unzip, run

Good Luck!!!
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2022 years ago

H. W. McDaniel,
PPA too old. use portable version