Rcconf – automatic load demons when you start Linux Mint

Rcconf - automatic load demons when you start Linux MintRcconf – automatic load demons when you start Linux Mint

The program rcconf allows you to configure which services will start when the computer boots, and which to sit and wait. It has a simple console interface and must be started with the root rights.

Installation into Linux Mint:

sudo apt-get install rcconf dialog

Run utility withcommand:

sudo rcconf

arrows – up and down, spacebar – select/un-select, enter – record the changes, escape – exit

–expert included in the list of important system daemons
now stops or starts the daemons immediately following the close rcconf
–dialog | –whiptail | –notermcheckchange the appearance of the
–verbose – displays the terminal for more information
–config *config_file* – allows you to use the configuration file(it can Generate using the –list)
list – displays in the console all the demons and their status

Show all the features and options you can by running the command:

man rcconf

Good Luck!!!

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