YD-Tools – GUI indicator for yandex.disk free cloud storage in Linux Mint


Yandex.Disk indicator that assists to monitor the current synchronization status of your Yandex.Disk. It shows current status via Application indicator in your desktop panel and notifications messages on your desktop. The indicator also have a menu with more detailed information about your Yandex.Disk, some useful commands and settings. Yandex-Disk is a file storage service accessible from any internet-enabled device. Once you connect the Drive you will reach a 11 GB.

Yandex.Disk setup GUI utility witch can be used to set-up your connectonn to Yandex.Disk. It is called when Indicator starts if the connection is not configured yet.
– Set of plugins for file managers. Plugins allow to publish and unpublish files via Yandex.Disk. Plugins will be installed only for the file managers witch are currently installed in the system. Supported file managers: Nautilus, Thunar, Nemo, Dolphin, Caja

To install Yandex.disk on your computer follow the instructions INSTALL YANDEX.DISK – FREE CLOUD STORAGE

Installation into Linux Mint:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:slytomcat/ppasudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install yd-tools

Good Luck!!!

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