VeraCrypt – improved version of TrueCrypt on Linux Mint

VeraCrypt - improved version of TrueCrypt on Linux Mint

28 may 2014 was minimized project TrueCrypt. The official site has been removed, developers are advised to switch to other programs to encrypt, in particular, on BitLocker. BitLocker not for me, first because of the closed source code, due to the lack of functionality that was in TrueCrypt (for example the creation of virtual encrypted disks or double bottom), thirdly, I use Linux Mint, but for BitLocker had to buy expensive version of Windows (it is expensive and there is no trust).
Recently I heard about fork – VeraCrypt.

Interface VeraCrypt similar to TrueCrypt interface, but VeraCrypt has a number of improvements in terms of security, see Wikipedia.
To generate the key TrueCrypt uses a relatively simple transformation of the password: 1000 or 2000 iterations function PBKDF2-RIPEMD160. Currently, when attackers can rent for brute force is very large computing power of the cloud provider, it’s lack of complexity. In VeraCrypt when generating the key used 327 661 PBKDF2 iteration-RIPEMD160 for the system partition, and 655 331 iterations of PBKDF2-RIPEMD160 and 500 000 iterations of SHA-2 and Whirlpool for other containers. Thus, the resistance brute force has improved considerably.

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

1. Download latest installer from official site => Download DEB file

VeraCrypt - improved version of TrueCrypt on Linux Mint

2. Install it
3. Enter to the unzipped folder and run the installer, follow the architecture of your system

Remove from Linux Mint:


Good luck and safe work for you!!!

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2022 years ago

Thanks for this great guide but I am still unsure how to employ Veracrypt in a dual boot scenario. I have Windows installed on first, Linux on second partition. I use the Windows Boot loader (using EasyBCD). Can I use BitLocker for Windows only and Veracrypt for Linux? What's your recommendation for a full drive encryption?

2022 years ago

my computers Windows is not installed.. I only have Linux. If I did, at the stage of installing the operating system (linux mint) would choose the encoding of the entire disc plus home folder. But since you have Windows installed, I don't know, have no experience of this… I suggest you to test on a virtual machine. make 2 operating systems installed and test.