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NoMachine - free impressive utility for remote desktop

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NoMachine - free impressive utility for remote desktop

Cross-platform utility to administer (and not only) of your computers and servers. Supported by Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Just like your previous remote desktop. Only better.

Of course, to help my friends, I use TeamViewer, because there is no need to know the IP address of the computer. But if to speak about my home computer (the server) then there is another thing. NoMachine gives a very large number of functions, all is very convenient. Management, remote connection to the file system, USB flash drives, printers, and throughout everything you want to connect. Truly magnificent product. All you need is to install the program. Everything is going to work.


NoMachine Anywhere service

The developers of the product reported from first hand that the nearing release of the fifth version of NoMachine.
The new version will appear "Anywhere service" which will allow you to connect to any of the computers knowing neither the IP address nor the port through any routers (like teamviwer but in my opinion with the extra Goodies!).

The underlying concept is to create a service, NoMachine Anywhere, allowing people to connect to each other's computer behind routers and firewalls, without the need for knowing their IP address, and configuring their routers to pass NoMachine traffic to the necessary ports.
Aimed at making users' life simpler, a NoMachine Anywhere account is necessary to connect each PC or Mac over the Internet . Only registered users will be able to use this service from the NoMachine GUI once they are signed in.
Among the built-in facilities there is the possibility to:

  • Search for other NoMachine Anywhere users.
  • Add favorite users to your roster.
  • Chat with users in your roster.
  • Let users discover your PC and add your account to their rosters.
  • Send invitations to non-Anywhere users to connect to your machine.

A quick look at NoMachine Anywhere service
Let's assume there is User A and User B, both registered to NoMachine Anywhere. User A needs to join the desktop of User B but he/she doesn't know the IP and port in order to connect there.
User A can rely on the Anywhere service to reach User B: by connecting to Anywhere from the client GUI, User A can see the list of the other users registered to the service and send a connection request to User B if he/she is online.
It will be up to NoMachine Anywhere to discover the IP and port of User's B machine and forwarding the connection request of User A to User B.

I will definitely report on the website as soon as will be released the 5th version of the program.

NoMachine - free impressive utility for remote desktopNoMachine - free impressive utility for remote desktop

NoMachine - free impressive utility for remote desktopNoMachine - free impressive utility for remote desktop

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

1. Download the package from official web site

NoMachine - free impressive utility for remote desktopNoMachine - free impressive utility for remote desktop

2. Double click on the downloaded package to install.

After installing the utility, in the menu of the launcher you will see two icons:
NoMachine - client configuration for connections.
NoMachine serviceto configure the server side utilities.

Read the manual on the official site, and make sure that everything is very simple to a disgrace!

Getting started with NoMachine

Good Luck!!!

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