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restore GRUB boot loader in Linux Mint after installation/reinstallation Windows

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grub boot repair

As is known, after the installation/reinstallation of Windows on the computer where it was previously installed Linux system, or multiple systems, selfish Windows MBR "erases" the GRUB boot loader, and when the computer will only boot Windows, without being able to boot the OS/Linux system.
In the network there are many statements on the subject restore GRUB after installing Windows, but personally I have a method that works.

Necessary conditions:

Mandatory connection to the Internet.
The image of Linux Mint/Ubuntu, which is installed on the computer, recorded on a disk or flash drive.

1. Inserted into the computer's disk or flash drive with the distribution, restart, and a bootable Linux system in Live mode.
During installation of any program in the Live mode, the terminal will not be prompted for a password, but the program will be installed!
Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair
2. After installation, open Boot Repair from the menu. Should start a system scan program:

3. When scanning is finished, the main window opens Boot Repair:

You can just click on the button Recommend a repair to start the recovery, and better make sure where you will install the GRUB boot loader by clicking on the button Advanced options ->GRUB location:

restore GRUB boot loader in Linux Mint after installation/reinstallation Windows

4. Click Apply, then start the update GRUB boot loader on the specified partition with the system:

In the recovery period, be careful, as they can be asked the questions and instructions with terminal commands that should be run to continue the restore process.
5. By the end of the restore GRUB, restart the computer.
That's the way I restore GRUB after reinstalling Windows me and this method have not let down.
The second method is more long, you can download a LIVECD from an already installed Boot Repair
In our build of Linux Mint is already installed Boot Repair.
See Our distributions in the top menu of the website
P.S. by the Way, this method will most likely be working after you install the Linux operating system to a computer with UEFI, when not displayed GRUB.
Good Luck!!!

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  1. Greig
    Greig 30 November 2015 11:39
    Just wanted to say thank you for this article it really helped me getting grub working again.

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  2. Jean
    Jean 7 January 2016 09:53
    Thanks, it worked ! You save my PC smile
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  3. Shekin 2 November 2017 19:26
    1. try load ubuntu and do this command
    sudo update-grub
    2. or try another options on boot-repair tool
    x64 Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon
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  4. jelabarre
    jelabarre 16 July 2018 19:51
    Tried the "Boot-Repair" tool. It couldn't figure out how to install packages it needed, and failed miserably. So here I am with a replacement motherboard, and stuck with MSWin-only. Yech.
    • 0
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