Qt Creator – excellent integrated development environment

Qt Creator - excellent integrated development environment

Whatever musician was not a master, though much depends on the tool. So it is with programming deprive an experienced coder his favorite development environment, and there will be dire consequences – it is too different from other apps of this kind. Recently one of them became extremely popular and has been squeezing its competitors. We are talking about Qt Creator.

Qt Creator is a complete high-quality IDE (integrated development environment). This software is part of the Qt framework. Plus, many are platform independence, lightness, convenience, simplicity and great functionality. The main supported languages are C, C++ and QML, but you can set the modules to compile the same Java. So, more about the program.

The interface is good for its accessibility. Once in the program, You will immediately see multiple workspaces (their display can be customised to suit any taste). By default, the left is the toolbar that allows you to switch between different modes of operation. The editor is designed to work with code, design to create UI, debugging and analysis perform corresponding function names. Also on this panel there is a reset button on the initial screen, the main advantage of which is a list of recently opened projects and their location. Below are the elements responsible for the selection of the active program, run, debug and build.

Between the main work area and the left edge of the screen is another menu that is responsible for Internet-related functions. Using it, You can log in to your account to use cloud storage, see the tutorials and examples, or go to an online community of Qt.

At the top is the classic menu items which allow you to customize the program to open or create new project or file, use the standard tools and various editing functions. Also on the top panel there is a very useful item called “help“. To its creation, the developers approached very carefully. Having a General idea about programming and the syntax of the language, with the help of reference materials can be efficiently create applications, almost without resorting to other sources of information. If You need to delve into processes such as debugging, analysis and Assembly – in the top menu for them separate paragraphs.

As for the process of programming, Qt Creator as much as possible makes it easier. When you create a new application, You choose the type depending on whether it is console or interface, and the OS will be used. There are many solutions from Linux to Windows Phone. Great makes life easy code highlighting, and automatic input commands and variables by their first letters. The most serious errors can be detected before compiling, because when you move the cursor to any recognizable object appears to help. And in addition, selects all the instances of this object. And, for example, uninitialized variables such reference does not appear. Another convenient moment – each function or algorithm can be collapsed by clicking on the arrow to the left of their names. Also the program can automatically us to tabulate the function and displays the understandable error messages.

Another important advantage of Qt Creator is its distribution under the LGPL, which allows you to create your own commercial projects without any remuneration to the producers of the environment.

Installation into Linux Mint:

The easiest way to install Qt Creator to find it in the Software Manager or use the command:

sudo apt-get install qtcreator

Qt Creator - excellent integrated development environmentQt Creator – excellent integrated development environment

Installation latest version from official website:

1. First you need to create a directory. This can be done through the terminal using the following command:

sudo mkdir /opt/qtsdk

2. Then you need to change ownership of the directory. To do this, type into terminal one command:

sudo chown -R username:username /opt/qtsdk

3. Now we need to download the latest version of the program. It can be done here on this site: http://qt-project.org/downloads#qt-creator

4. The downloaded file, click the right mouse button, in the properties select the “Permissions” to allow executing file as program. Then run the installation and select Your newly created directory.

In the event of an error “cannot find-lGL” run in terminal one command:

sudo apt-get install libgl-dev

May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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