Vap – application for layout and print images

Vap - application for layout and print images

VAP is a simple program that facilitates the management of images in the usual Windows script from russian developer Viktand. The program is focused solely on the layout and printing imagesOriginally VAP was developed as an app for printing a large number of thumbnail images on one sheet, with the ability to run from the context menu of the file Manager. Gradually the functionality of the application has been greatly expanded, but the rapid preparation of selected images to print remains the main function of the application.

You can choose from ten preset layout options from one image on the sheet to twenty. It is possible to rotate the sheet (change the orientation), you can change the paper size within wide limits, it is possible to change the size of the gaps between the images, finally the pictures you can move the mouse on the worksheet (of course to print) and to adjust their size. You can add to already open images as one or the whole folder. You can include captions to pictures. By default, this is just the file name, but you can fix it to your taste. The signature is tied to the picture and will be dragged along with it, but if you want you can just move the signature itself the mouse anywhere on the sheet.
You can insert arbitrary chunks of text as comments and drag their mouse across the worksheet.
Any text boxes can be edited, can be arbitrarily play with the font and color.
You can select a printer, if you are lucky to have several of them. You can memorize the settings and always apply them.
Finally, you can not only print , but also to save your job. With that program by default will save all by itself and opening it to bring back the past with one button.

All management as conceived from the point of view of obviousness, not to reflect how and what can be done.
Thus, it turned out even more functional than Windows with the same ease.

Vap - application for layout and print images on Linux MintVap – application for layout and print images on Linux Mint

To add images you can not only from the context menu of file managers, but also from the application menu (individually or whole directories), as well as using a “drag and drop” (Drag and Drop / Drag and drop). Work with most popular graphic formats (png, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, ico, and xpm), in the allocation of non-supported formats are ignored without throwing errors.

Vap - application for layout and print images on Linux Mint

VAP does not contain tools for image editing, just a few filters (reactor color profile, brightness, etc) and means for placing them on the sheet. Preparing images for print like a game of dice, usually all just rearranged and resized with the mouse, as when arranging photos on paper before to wear them.

Vap - application for layout and print images on Linux Mint

Using the VAP you can simply print of the selected image, you can prepare a complex presentation, badge, flyer, sticker etcthe Images can be sorted (by changing their relative positions), resize, crop, rotate, transform (change perspective), add captions (names of files) or free text (a text box), it is stored in the form of standard symbols.

Vap - application for layout and print images on Linux MintVap – application for layout and print images on Linux Mint

VAP allows you to send the resulting project can print in high quality color as a draft and as a black and white image. A project can be saved for further editing, saved the list of open files and their arrangement (the session is saved in a proprietary format .vap, you can save the result as an image (of a given size, quality and format).

Installation into Linux Mint 17/17.1/17.2:

for x32 bit:

cd /tmp; wget
tar -xvzf vap_qt4.8_i386.tar.gz
sudo dpkg -i vap_3.7_i386.deb[/simterm]

for x64 bit:

cd /tmp; wget
tar -xvzf vap_64_qt4.tar.gz
sudo dpkg -i vap_3.7_amd64.deb[/simterm]

Remove from Linux Mint 17/17.1/17.2:

sudo apt-get purge vap[/simterm]

Good Luck!!!

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