Tecmint Monitor – script to display information about the system

Tecmint_monitor.sh - script to display information about the system

Script Tecmint Monitor is useful in cases when there is a need to view and/or share brief information about installed/used the system and its main components (for example when communicating on the forums).

Tecmint Monitor does not contain commands require administrator amenable to revision and expansion of the executed commands are organized into separate sections and you can easily configure the number of displayed/output.
As soon as you run the command “monitor” you get various System related information which are:
– Internet Connectivity
– OS Type
– OS Name
– OS Version
– Architecture
– Kernel Release
– Hostname
– Internal IP
– External IP
– Name Servers
– Logged In users
– Ram Usages
– Swap Usages
– Disk Usages
– Load Average
– System Uptime
The script can be used from anywhere, only need to make it “executable“, but if you wish you can install. Download and install Tecmint Monitor:

cd /tmp; wget http://tecmint.com/wp-content/scripts/tecmint_monitor.sh
chmod 755 tecmint_monitor.sh
./tecmint_monitor.sh -i[/simterm]

Highly recommended to run an installation script from a simple user, not the administrator (the administrator password is entered when prompted), after the installation script is invoked with the command:


TecMint Monitor Script in Action

Check the installed version of script using -v (version) switch.

monitor -v[/simterm]

Good Luck!!!


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