The clipboard managers for Linux Mint

The clipboard managers for Linux Mint

Have you ever copied something important, but got distracted? This could lead to the fact that you copied to the clipboard is something else that removed the previous contents? I’ve done this many times, but now when I use the clipboard Manager, I saved myself from this situation.

The clipboard managers will save you from many headaches – you won’t want to use a computer without them. One of the facts about them – they are almost equally good in basic features, so no matter which Manager you choose, because they will all help you. I tested few such instruments – each of them worthy to help you effectively work with the clipboard.
What is clipboard Manager and why should I use it?
These are tools that run in the background of your system and store the history of content that you have saved in your clipboard. This means that the next time you accidentally overwrite the content in your buffer, you have nothing to lose, because you’ll just be able to copy some data from application.
That’s fine, because you no longer need to worry about overwriting content in the clipboard or loss when closing the application. Perhaps like me, you use the clipboard Manager in the writing of the text. I rely heavily on their ability to copy multiple pieces of text, then use the history to quickly select the content that I need, at any time. If you have never tried a clipboard Manager, you should definitely do it.

1. Clipman – a clipboard Manager for XFCE

The clipboard managers for Linux Mint

The clipboard managers for Linux Mint

The clipboard managers for Linux Mint

Clipman is a lightweight plugin clipboard for users of Linux distributions based on Xfce desktop environment, for example, Linux Mint XCFE. Clipman offers basic management capabilities of the clipboard – it offers history, hot keys, ignoring the signals for closing apps, as well as many other great features.
In Clipman have the ability to control the size of the history (by default the last ten stored items) and the ability to copy an item from the history to the clipboard using the keyboard shortcut Ctr+C. it is Also possible execution of a task, when copied in the clipboard text matches the regular expression. Clipman also offers to configure, for example, the location of the window with history on the desktop.
If you are using Xfce and have not tried Clipman, I strongly recommend you do this because it will greatly improve your productivity when working with the computer.

sudo apt-get install -y xfce4-clipman[/simterm]

3. Diodon – very simple, easy and very convenient to use, the clipboard Manager.

The clipboard managers for Linux Mint

One of the features can distinguish the Manager’s job not only with text but also with images, which greatly increases the overall potential of opportunities when working with this program.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:diodon-team/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y diodon[/simterm]

4. Parcellite is a lightweight clipboard Manager

The clipboard managers for Linux MintThe clipboard managers for Linux Mint

Parcellite is a lightweight GTK-based+2 clipboard Manager. Parcellite developer claims that it stripped a clipboard Manager that supports only basic functionality and consuming small amount of memory for lovers of simplicity.
However, in Parcellite has fundamental features like management history, ignoring the signals closing the app and keyboard shortcuts for various actions. Parcellite includes features such as automatic insertion of content, the edit content item in the history and actions on the clipboard, including the execution of commands based on the contents of the clipboard.
I believe that Parcellite is a great option regardless of what desktop environment you use, but also, perhaps, the best option for those seeking the lightest of the available clipboard managers.

sudo apt-get install -y parcellite[/simterm]

6. Glipper – simple Gnome app to work with the clipboard

The clipboard managers for Linux Mint

It maintains a history of text copied to the clipboard from which you can choose. Glipper uses plugins to give the user all the extra functionality.
Glipper consumes little system resources (ideal for use on slower machines), has minimum settings and supports the management of shortcuts (the edit feature has no content).

sudo apt-get install -y glipper[/simterm]

7. Klipper – clipboard management in Linux Mint KDE

The clipboard managers for Linux Mint

Klipper is an application to manage clipboard in KDE desktop. Klipper offers all fundamental features such as history management, keyboard shortcuts for quick access, image support, and so forth, but Klipper also offers some advanced and power-user capabilities, for example, the actions on the clipboard.
Actions to the clipboard Klipper great save in time because you can open the URL directly in any desired browser, to automatically compose an e-mail with the selected content and more. The only limitation is your imagination, because Klipper allows you to create your own actions.

Installed by default in Linux Mint KD, if not use

sudo apt-get install -y klipper[/simterm]

How to improve your clipboard with the help of KDE Connect?
Managers of the clipboard fine, but use them with KDE Connect makes them even better! KDE Connect is an application that allows you to connect your desktop Linux with a mobile device – in my case, Android.
KDE Connect provides synchronization of the clipboard, which allows you to create a shared clipboard among all United and connected devices. This is a great feature that works even better in conjunction with the clipboard managers.
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Joe Average
Joe Average
2022 years ago

So what is the best way to make Klipper start with Mint Linux KDE? I fixed this once and then it quit working.

2022 years ago

JoeВ Average,
sorry, I don't understand what's the problem exactly?
what exactly you fixed?