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Jesús, for "libpackagekit" run: sudo apt-get install packagekit-backend-aptcc
Guest Michael
This is my favorite GUI text editor for Linux, I use the Windows version all the time too. I also covered this topic here.
I'm using Mint Cinnamone installed on virtual machine VMWare. The instruction helped me to adjust my mouse scroll wheel speed. I set the value to 6. Now it's comfortable to use the mouse. Thanks a lot!
Cecilieaux Bois de Murier, 1. Silentcast 2. I haven't checked, but I think that it is possible to do in the program SimpleScreenRecorder
Cecilieaux Bois de Murier
Is there an application that imports stills into a GIF?
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» » NixNote (NeverNote) - open source client for Evernote

NixNote (NeverNote) - open source client for Evernote

NixNote (NeverNote) - open source client for Evernote

NixNote – an unofficial Evernote client for Linux, originally called NeverNote. The application was written in Java to NixNote 2, when the application was completely rewritten in C++ using the Qt framework, having improved performance and less usage of system resources. The application continues to use Java to encrypt and decrypt text but this is optional.

Sorry for the spelling and phonetic errors in the text.
Owner and main writer of is not a native English speaker.

Evernote is a popular service notes that supports saving text, full webpages, voice memos, video, notes, and other material with many useful features. The official Evernote clients available for Windows, OS, a web version (but it lacks many features) and mobile platforms but not for Linux.

For those who are not familiar with NixNote, here is a brief list of important capabilities of Evernote that are supported by this app:

  • Full synchronization of all your notes and applications
  • The ability to create, edit, and delete notes, tags, notebooks and saved searches
  • Ability to search notes and indexed investments
  • Allows you to use the ability to recognize text in the picture that Evernote provides
  • Supports multiple Evernote accounts.

NixNote (NeverNote) - open source client for EvernoteNixNote (NeverNote) - open source client for Evernote

Also there are some features of Evernote that are not available or work differently in NixNote, including:

  • A slightly different search syntax (NixNote allows for the denial of any issue, and Evernote – no)
  • There is no ability to share memo to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn
  • Capture or audio notes are not supported directly (you can record audio using NixNote, but can use a note, written in another application, as an attachment)
  • Ink notes can not be implemented NixNote, because Evernote does not provide an API for this.

NixNote (NeverNote) - open source client for EvernoteNixNote (NeverNote) - open source client for Evernote

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
1. Download.
2. Install it.

Note: to enable sync with Evernote, NixNote from the menu, select Tools > Synchronize and authorize NixNote in Evernote.

NixNote (NeverNote) - open source client for EvernoteNixNote (NeverNote) - open source client for Evernote

Good Luck!!!

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