Airnef – Wireless download from your Nikon/Sony/Canon Camera!

Airnef - Wireless download from your Nikon/Sony/Canon Camera!

Airnef is a relatively new open utility that you can use to wirelessly move photos and videos from Nikon cameras, Sony and Canon, equipped with WiFi, computer available for Linux, Windows and OS X.

The app should work with all Nikon cameras that have built-in WiFi interface, and third-party Wi-Fi adapter Nikon WU-1a and WU-1b. Other external wireless adapters like the WT-4A and WT-5A may work but were not tested.
Canon cameras are also supported, but since the latest version of the app also have learned to work with the Sony cameras.

In addition download photos and images you already took, the app features a download mode in real time, which allows you to transfer images to your computer, once you take them off, if your camera supports it.
Major Features

  • One-button click to download all new images and video from the camera, selected on either the camera or computer by criteria
  • Fast downloads – Airnef uses optimized Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) parameters for sustained throughput around 2.5 MB/s
    Realtime download mode – images are transferred to your computer as you shoot them. For cameras without realtime WiFi shooting support an optional
  • staged-realtime process can be used as well.
  • Extensive criteria selection makes it easy to quickly choose which images to download, including by file type (NEF, JPG, MOV, etc…), starting and/or ending capture date, specific camera folders, and media card slot – in any combination. And Airnef will automatically skip over files you’ve already downloaded!
  • Renaming engine allows you to customize the names of directories and files for images you download
  • Download exec feature lets you launch your favorite image viewing or editing application for each file downloaded
  • Advanced local caching of MTP metadata allows for very fast click-to-download start times
  • Lets you decide the order that files are downloaded, either oldest first or newest first. That way you can start working on the files you want right away instead of waiting for all the files to be downloaded
  • Fault-tolerant operation – Airnef will continuously retry any failed communication/transfer, resuming the download exactly where it left off, even in the middle of a file. This is important when downloading very large video files on marginal wireless connections

This is a partial list of camera’s I’ve personally tested. Even if your camera is not listed it may still work.

Camera Select Images in Camera Select Images on Computer Realtime Download1
All Nikon cameras built-in WiFi Yes Yes All DSLRs2
All Nikon cameras with WU-1a/WU-1b Adapter No3 Yes Yes
All Canon Cameras with WiFi No Yes Yes
All Sony Cameras with WiFi No Yes Staged Realtime4
Nikon D750, D7200 Yes Yes Yes
Nikon J4, J5 Yes Yes Staged Realtime4
Canon 6D Yes Yes Yes

Airnef also has a graphical interface that can be used to specify the download folder, what files to transfer, and so on, and a console application that, for example, can be used in scripts.
Use Airnef simple enough, but here is a simple guide on how to start doing it. First, you will need to connect the camera to your computer. To do this, enable wireless connection on your camera and on your computer, connect to a WiFi network your camera.
Then on your computer run Airnef and make sure that the ip address of the camera is set to ““. At least for Nikon cameras this should be a valid IP address default:

Airnef - Wireless download from your Nikon/Sony/Canon Camera!

If you are in the network where this IP address is already in use (e.g. your router), you can either disconnect from the network or change the IP address of the camera – judging by the website Airnef, for Nikon cameras this can be done using a single procedure with the application Nikon Wireless Mobile Utility (iOS and Android). Exact instructions for this you can find on the home page Airnef.
Then click “Select on Computer“, select which files to transfer, download location and other parameters and click Start Download:

Airnef - Wireless download from your Nikon/Sony/Canon Camera!

Download latest version from official web page:

(binaries available for Linux – 64bit only, Windows and Mac, and source).
To run the application, just unzip the downloaded archive and double click on the executable file airnef.

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