Betty – friendly English-like interface for terminal

Betty - friendly English-like interface for terminal

Betty is a program that allows you to perform various Linux commands, but to perform them you don’t need to know the commands, you can simply write what you want in plain English.

Working with Betty is very simple. You write in the command line that want to get, and the program performs an action or provides a choice of what she can do. This, of course, in the ideal, in reality you need to know and remember the suggestions that she knows Betty. But in spite of this the idea of the program is very interesting.

The developers of the program indicate that it looks like OK Google or Siri from Apple, just talk with Betty we in the Linux command line. We can just ask “betty wha time is it now“, and in response receive the current time.

Betty supports several dozen commands. To understand how this works, here are a few examples.

The simplest questions to betty look something like this:

betty what time is it?
Betty: Running date +”%r (%T)”
08:23:22 PM (20:23:22)[/simterm]

As you can see, we ask Betty current time and get that command which Betty performs, and then get the result of the command.
If Betty has a few alternatives, you will be prompted to choose one of them:

betty what is my name
Betty: Okay, I have multiple ways to respond.
Betty: Enter the number of the command you want me to run, or N (no) if you don’t want me to run any.
[1] whoami
Gets your system username.
[2] finger $(whoami) | sed ‘s/.*: *//;q’
Gets your full name.
Betty: Running whoami

Betty - friendly English-like interface for terminalBetty – friendly English-like interface for terminal

Separately noted the following useful commands:

betty uncompress archive.tar.gz
betty unarchive archive.tar.gz to somedir
betty show size for myfile.txt
betty download to something.tar.gz
betty find me all files that contain map
betty how many characters are in myfile.txt[/simterm]

A list of all basic commands available on the program website or in the README

P. S. the Program is cross-platform and can be used on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

Betty can be downloaded from the official website, but you can clone a git repository. I went through the second. First you need to install auxiliary components. Run command in terminal:

sudo apt-get install ruby curl git[/simterm]

Now clone the repository:

git clone[/simterm]

In your home directory you should see a folder betty. The program’s executable file main.rb. So it was convenient to use Betty we will create an alias with the name betty.
To do this, run the command:

echo “alias betty=\\”~/betty/main.rb\\”” >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc[/simterm]

You can now use the Betty as follows:

betty your request in English[/simterm]

Good Luck!!!

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