topalias – Linux bash/zsh alias generator

topalias - Linux bash/zsh alias generatortopalias – Linux bash/zsh aliases generator and statistics from command history, written on Python. By the way, I began to actively study programming and took up python. But let’s talk briefly about the utility.

This is not a complex, but in my opinion a convenient and useful utility that generates short aliases for frequently used commands, analyzing the history of the bash/zsh shell. Displays statistics on the use of utilities and aliases.


  • Generate short alias for popular command from bash/zsh shell history
  • Command history statistics & analytics
  • Parametrised input
  • Console help for all commands, options and arguments
  • Shell workflow hints

Installation into Linux Mint:

Python dependencies

sudo apt install python3 python3-pip -y
Installing the utility directly from repository:

pip3 install -U --user topalias
add PATH environment variable for run Python tools as Linux utility:

echo “export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin” >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc
At my startup, the utility reported that the file does not exist .bash_aliases, I created it

touch ~/.bash_aliases
Now just run topalias


The program offered me three different aliases for different commands that I ran earlier. I chose number 2.

topalias - Linux bash/zsh alias generatorNote that you just need to copy the echo command and execute it, then update the .bashrc file with the source ~/command.bashrc topalias - Linux bash/zsh alias generatorNow, when I ran the sau command in the terminal, the sudo apt update command actually worked.
Occasionally run the topalias utility and it will offer you new aliases for the commands that you most often use, in addition, the program will not offer those aliases that are already added to the system.

May the Force be with You,

Good Luck

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