DDRescue-GUI – data recovery from damaged disks

DDRescue - data recovery from damaged disks

Ddrescue-GUI – command-line utility for data recovery from damaged media (hard drive partitions, USB Flash, CD/DVD, etc…) with a simple syntax and is designed to operate in automatic mode. DDRescue-GUI is a GUI that was designed to make it easier to use GNU ddrescue

Before starting the recovery, DDRescue-GUI you can set parameters of the process (choose one of the preset or custom) for a more effective recovery it is recommended to use “log-file”, that would be if you restore the data and if recovery was aborted, only read the necessary blocks and process took place with minimal re-up.

DDRescue-GUI displays detailed information about the parameters of the carrier information and the recovery process, to examine the “log file” you can use the utility ddrescueview.

DDRescue-GUI - data recovery from damaged disks

DDRescue-GUI - data recovery from damaged disksDDRescue-GUI – data recovery from damaged disks

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hamishmb/myppasudo apt updatesudo apt install ddrescue-gui[/simterm]

Good Luck!!!


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1 year ago

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hamishmb/myppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ddrescue-gui