ANGRYsearch – Linux file search, instant results as you type

ANGRYsearch - Linux file search, instant results as you type

ANGRYsearch – comfortable Python/Qt (PyQt5) graphical application for indexing and full text search files the database of indexed information.

ANGRYsearch is extremely simple and lightweight user interface, fast indexing directories and files, with minimal use of system resources. The application is developed for those users which for any reason are not satisfied with the existing stand-alone solutions, search used in production environments or file managers.

ANGRYsearch has two modes of operation, light weight (lite mode and full mode, Lite mode is “default”. In Lite mode the list of files/directories: displays only the name and path in the full mode additionally displays the size and last modification date. The lack of full mode is that a scan of the file system is almost two times longer, to change the operating mode in the configuration file (item angrysearch_lite -> true / false):

nano ~/.config/angrysearch/angrysearch.conf

ANGRYsearch - Linux file search, instant results as you type

ANGRYsearch supports three search modes (fast, very fast and slow), the search is performed in real time, search queries are processed and displayed immediately as you type letters and characters. In fast and very fast mode is a search by file name (first letter or in the content). In slow search (regex mode) set case sensitivity (names of files and directories), search for the full path and search for “regular expressions” (activated by pressing ” F8 ” and the search box turns orange).

ANGRYsearch - Linux file search, instant results as you type

Depending on the size and type of media used (HDD/SSD) and their content, creating a database can take quite a long time. Takes about two minutes to index a million files, and the database size will get about 300Mb.

It is not recommended to run the application with administrator privileges (root).

What you should know:
1. the database is in ~/.cache/angrysearch/angry_database.db
2. the config file is in ~/.config/angrysearch/angrysearch.conf
3. it can take ~2 min to index ~1 mil files (depending on hdd/ssd) and the database might be ~300MB
4. it is not recommended to run as root, there’s no reason for it and you might crawl where you would rather not, like Btrfs users going in to snapshots
5. xdg-open is used to open the files based on their mimetype, default applications can be set in ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list or ~/.config/mimeapps.list

ANGRYsearch - Linux file search, instant results as you type

Installation into Linux Mint:

Install dependencies

sudo apt install python3-pyqt5 xdg-utils

Download the latest version of the program

cd /tmp; wget -O

Unpack the archive

unzip; cd ANGRYsearch-1.0.0

Install script

sudo sh

You will find the program in the menu

Good Luck!!!

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2022 years ago

Jim Mooney,

Tsf Tsf
Tsf Tsf
2022 years ago

I love this program but it's driving me crazy. The search results only show up in the "dark theme". If I set darktheme=false, the answers are not visible because the text is the same color as the background (or at least that's what I think, because if I clik on the "blank" spaces,the result will show up in Nemo). What's happening?