SafeEyes – Protect your eyes from fatigue

SafeEyes - Protect your eyes from fatigue

SafeEyes Protects You From Eye Strain When Working On The Computer. Protect your eyes from eye strain using this continuous breaks reminder. A Free and Open Source Linux alternative for EyeLeo.

The problem of visual stress and diseases related to a user engaged in work on the computer, officially confirmed by the world health organization (Geneva, 1989).

For anyone who is at the computer more hours a day working or playing, it is very easy to forget about time, which leads to excessive strain on the eyes.
SafeEyes – this video training to relieve visual stress, relaxing your eyes and stop eyesight deterioration as possible.

The program offers various exercises for the eyes and other tips for the break time.

The app includes short and long breaks, each with duration settings. In addition, you can set the interval between breaks and time to prepare for the break. Before you break is about to begin, a notification message appears.

SafeEyes - Protect your eyes from fatigueSafeEyes – Protect your eyes from fatigue

The break time turns off the mouse/touchpad and keyboard.
The program settings (Settings) are in the program indicator on the panel:

SafeEyes - Protect your eyes from fatigue

SafeEyes - Protect your eyes from fatigue

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:slgobinath/safeeyessudo apt updatesudo apt install safeeyes

For those who do not want to add the repository, can download .deb file HERE.

Good Luck!!!

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