Ubuntu Cleaner – Keep your system clean

Ubuntu Cleaner - Keep your system clean

Ubuntu Cleaner is designed for cleaning the unwanted or non-working files, temporary Internet files created by popular web browsers or programs and for cleaning the wrong type extensions files that are missing from applications and other “junk” that has accumulated in the system during its operation.

Many Windows users switched to Linux know a program like CCleaner, which provides users with a powerful and simple to use tool for cleaning and optimization of 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Linux operating systems clog much less Windows. Linux has no registry and the system architecture is designed in such a way as to leave as little “garbage”. But in addition to the system flaws, the file system can accumulate unnecessary files, programs, user files and unused cores. Therefore, as continuous use, the cleaning system is necessary in order to make room for more necessary programs and files on the hard disk partition with the installed system.

In Linux also there are programs like CCleaner.