Installing Autodesk Maya, Mudbox and Motion Builder

Installing Autodesk Maya, Mudbox and Motion Builder

Today I will tell you how to install 3 programs for working with 3D graphics by Autodesk into Linux Mint.

The first thing you might ask – we will install a pirated version from torrents? No! Autodesk provides a training program, and offers all its software packages for so-called student license. You only need to register on the Autodesk website, indicate in which University/Institute you are studying (of course you can choose any, then nobody will check), to specify the website of this University and choose the appropriate product. The license is given for 3 years, and can be used on 2 different computers. After all this, you will get the opportunity to download the archive from rpm package, product key and serial number.

There is a wonderful script that allows you to install Autodesk Maya in Ubuntu. We take the basis of this script, modify it for our needs and create a script to install Mudbox and Motion Builder. Let’s start with Maya.

Download the script at this link.

You need enough free space on the root partition (not less than 6 gigabytes), for temporary files. Unpack the script and open it in a text editor. All scripts for this software we are interested in the following lines:

export INSTALLFILE=Here we specify the full name of the archive with the program
MAYAURL=Here we specify the full link to download the files. How to get it? Let’s start to download using Firefox then stop the download, right click on it and select “Copy download link”
PRODUCTID=Your ID that you received after selecting the correct version of the program

Change the script as needed. By default, it will download the version of Maya 2016, if you need exactly this version just specify in the script your PRODUCTID.

Save and run:

sudo sh

The script will ask you to enter serial number. Enter and can go to drink tea. The conversion process will take from 40 minutes to an hour.
What will make the script: download the archive with the program, unpack, convert all the rpm packages to deb packages, download the necessary dependencies, you can activate the software, copy the license files in the right places.

That’s all. Exactly the same way you can download, modify as needed and use the scripts for Autodesk Mudbox 2017 and Autodesk Motion Builder 2017.

Good Luck, May the Force Be with You!!!
Describe in the comments your results.

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2022 years ago

sorry i dont know, if you will do this, report here please

2022 years ago

Was having lots of issues with this, firstly the sudo sh command doesn't work, had to drag and drog the .sh into the terminal to get it to run.

Also there is an extra " in the script you need to hunt for and delete for it to run.

Still getting lots of errors and it won't launch maya, but at least it is installing now.

x64 Linux Mint 19 cinnamon