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Stacer - linux system optimizer and cleaner

Stacer - linux system optimizer and cleaner Today we will discuss another similar app called Stacer, which may be easier for you to work in Linux Mint and other derivative distributions based on Debian.
What can utility Stacer:
  • Displays information about load your CPU, RAM, employment the hard disk;
  • Displays information about the system;
  • Displays information about the speed of your network connection (download and upload);
  • Allows you to clear the cache in the system of removing garbage (Apt Cache, Crash Reports, System Logs and App Cache);
  • Allows you to easily manage startup applications;
  • Allows you to easily manage services in the system who can one touch how to stop and start again;
  • Makes it easy to manage apps installed in the system, easy search and easy removal.
When you first start you will see something like the following:
Stacer - linux system optimizer and cleaner Stacer - linux system optimizer and cleaner Stacer - linux system optimizer and cleaner Stacer - linux system optimizer and cleaner as you can see it's pretty simple and easy how to clear application cache, logs, bugs, and other debris, to remove unused applications from the startup. You can also disable unneeded services, but at this stage it is necessary to be extremely careful (configure only if you understand is responsible for what one or another service in order not to make worse than it was and not to break the stability of the system).
Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
1. Download latest DEB package
Stacer - linux system optimizer and cleaner 2. Install it and run
Good Luck!!!

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Matthew 23 April 2017 19:04
Is there anything available that would be like Stacer but for the GPU ? I'm specifically looking to monitor VRAM usage and GPU usage while gaming.
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Shekin 24 April 2017 09:49
Hi, maybe this two programs help you
x64 Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon
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billcage 16 August 2017 12:26
Nice..Thanks for sharing..
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