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A setp-by-step review/guide to meet some of the features of the Insomnia web-service testing client.
Insomnia is an open-source, simple to use, portable and at the same time full-featured web service-testing client that makes the life of IT people using web-services far less stressful and organized.
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This article is a setp-by-step review/guide to meet some of the features of the Insomnia web-service testing client.
A notable feature of Insomnia is that it provides a very easy and quick way of organizing web-service request test cases within Environments that can contain Folders, which enables the creation of well structured testing projects.
In addition to the 'Environment/Folder' based organizing feature, Insomnia also allows the exporting/importing of  web-service request test case projects in JSON format, which is greatly useful for distributing test case projects to third-party developers, testers and other people that are working on service-capable projects of any size and complexity.

For the purpose of this guide I make use of the JSONPlacehoder project which offers a range of 'fake' REST service end-points for testing purposes.
Creating a web-service testing project in Insomnia is very easy and quick.
Once you're finished with the following step-by-step guide, you will be ready to use Insomnia with your real-world projects.
Step 1 : Create an Environment and add a new service-testing request to it.
Step 2 : Edit/populate your request with JSON data and execute a test.
...that's it!

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