PDFCrack – recover passwords of PDF documents

PDF Crack - recover passwords of PDF documentsPDFCrack – recover passwords of PDF documents. Utility supports working with all existing versions of the PDF format (Portable Document Format), working method based on the use of “brute force” (principle of brute force).As PDFCrack is a console program, we consider the designed graphical interface.
PDFCrack-GUI provides access to most of the functionality of the console utility. You can specify the expected minimum and maximum password length. to specify the options used symbols and add a file with a complete dictionary of passwords, the more (diverse) will be the dictionary, the greater the probability of successful selection.
PDF Crack - recover passwords of PDF documentsPDFCrack-GUI displays the time and symbols used for the selection (brute force) passwords, the process of selecting the password you can stop and continue where you left off, the current state is saved to a file (savedstate.sav).
Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
1. Download
PDF Crack - recover passwords of PDF documents 2. Unzip
3. Run