Marble – free, powerful virtual globe

Marble - free, powerful virtual globePerhaps the most practical functionality of the Marble – work on the maps of the OpenStreetMap project. It is a voluntary non-profit project, to solve an ambitious task to create a database of information on all points of the earth’s surface. Service will be supplemented with volunteers from around the world, and you too can contribute.Alas, the cards used for bitmaps with a hard-coded font sizes and icons, and dimensions, these failed to see anything quite difficult. Now like OpenStreetMap is transferred to the vector representation, but the work has only just begun.
Historical maps a lot, but there are others. For example, the night lights of the planet or the temperature map.
Not all the maps are in the standard delivery, additional can be conveniently downloaded.
The KDE developers – as free people, which is absolutely not tied to his home planet. With Marble you can fly over the surface of the moon, and as this and the one that existed only in the imagination of our ancestors.
Describe the program for very long, much easier to install and see for yourself.
In my opinion it works very fast, faster than google earth.
Marble - free, powerful virtual globe Marble - free, powerful virtual globe Marble - free, powerful virtual globe Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
FOR KDE users

sudo apt install marble
FOR other (cinnamon, mate, xfce)
sudo apt install marble-qt marble-plugins marble-maps marble-data libmarblewidget-qt5-23 libastro1
Remove from Linux Mint:
sudo apt remove marble marble-*
sudo apt autoremove
May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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