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Shredder - find duplicate, empty files and directories

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Shredder - find duplicate, empty files and directoriesShredder (Rrmlint GUI) - quick and effective utility to find duplicate files and folders, empty files and directories, corrupt symlinks, files with incorrect identifiers for owner/group, executables with debug information and other forms of "anomalies" in the file system.

Key Features:
  • Extremely fast
  • Flexible and easy commandline options
  • Choice of several hashes for hash-based duplicate detection
  • Option for exact byte-by-byte comparison (only slightly slower)
  • Numerous output options
  • Option to store time of last run; next time will only scan new files
  • Many options for original selection / prioritisation
  • Can handle very large file sets (millions of files)
  • Colorful progressbar
Shredder (Rrmlint GUI) - gives access to most features of the console client, when you start offering to specify a target directory (directories), the need for recursively scanning scanning hidden files/directories and symbolic links.
Shredder displays search results in a hierarchical list and a visual pie chart of the selected folder. For search, you can use various filters (file size, name, modification time, etc.), except when comparing files checksum mode supported byte-a-byte mapping, a mode check only new files and much more...
Installation latest version into Linux Mint 18+:
1. Download rmlint and gui deb files (please note on the architecture x64 or x32)
Shredder - find duplicate, empty files and directories2. Install rmlint and gui
3. Run from menu
Shredder - find duplicate, empty files and directoriesShredder - find duplicate, empty files and directoriesShredder - find duplicate, empty files and directoriesMay the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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M Henri Day
M Henri Day 8 October 2017 12:08
After downloading and installing both the rmlint_2.4.6-2_amd64.deb and rmlint-doc_2.4.6-2_all.deb packages on my 64-bit Linux Mint 18.2 box I find that the Shredder-GUI is not displayed on my menu, nor is it, in contrast to the above packages, to be found when I perform a search via Synaptic. I can run Rmlint by typing the command «rmlink» in a terminal, but it would be much more convenient to do so via the GUI. Any suggestions as to how I can achieve this end ?...

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Shekin 9 October 2017 15:26
M Henri Day,
Hi, maybe you have to reboot and check the menu.
x64 Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon
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Shekin 16 October 2017 18:57
type in searching bar rmlint
press Enter

And download two files rmlint_2.4.6-2_ and rmlint-gui_2.4.6-2_
You dont need DOC file. And install rmlint_2.4.6-2_ firs, then rmlint-gui_2.4.6-2_ second)))
Just did it few moment ago and works great
x64 Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon
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