Ubunsys – easy access to advanced settings

Ubunsys - easy access to advanced settings

Recently I came across Ubunsys, an advanced system utility for Ubuntu, but the program suitable for Linux Mint. You can find a lot of useful settings with GUI access.Ubunsys is in active development, provides various security settings, system settings with a simple interface.
In other words, the utility allows you to easily and quickly enable/disable and add or remove some key capabilities of the system by pressing buttons instead of running commands in terminal or using other apps.
Since Ubunsys can be really easy to turn on and enable things that are not recommended do with the system, this utility is suitable for advanced users that know what they are doing. If you just need to install some packages or update the kernel it is better to use default applications installed in system.

Ubunsys - easy access to advanced settings

What this program does

  • You can select a lot of apps and install them by only clicking a button.


  • Enable-disable sudo without a password. This is usually for security when you execute the sudo command you are prompted for a password, but it can be tedious to put in a passwird each time you execute an elevated permission action, so I recommend to push this button when you don’t need this security and want speed. be sure once you are done to disable this function to restore security to your system.
  • Enable-disable asterisks when you put password in for the terminal, hibernation, or firewall.
  • Open sources.list.d, sudoers file (backup and import).
  • Gives access to new content when right clicking.
  • Reduce shutdown timer to less than the standard, it is not recommended to use this currently.


  • Change the fefault update & upgrade system, update & upgrade repos, exec normal user installation script from git, or default back to a clean system.
  • Smart system update, clean out old kernels, upgrade to latest stable OS version, install mainline kernel (not recommended, due to possible incompatibilities).
  • Upgrade to latest unstable OS version (not recommended, due to bugs).


  • Check system integrity, repair network, check missing GPG keys.

And more…

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
Please note that this app aims to use advanced users. Please do not use it recklessly (or do not install if you are very concerned about the stability of the system).

sudo apt install git wget xdg-utils xterm ufw curl
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:adgellida/ubunsys
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ubunsys
Tutorial en (wiki)

Ubunsys - easy access to advanced settings
Ubunsys - easy access to advanced settings
Ubunsys - easy access to advanced settings
Ubunsys - easy access to advanced settings

May the Force be with you,
Good Luck!!!

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