BitTorrent Sync GUI in Linux Mint or Ubuntu

BitTorrent Sync GUIBitTorrent Sync GUI

Recently released informal BitTorrent Sync GUI for Linux, which provides almost all the possibilities available interfaces for Windows and MacBitTorrent Sync is a tool that can be used to synchronize files between computers via the BitTorrent Protocol, available on LinuxWindowsMac OS X and NAS devices.
Because it synchronizes files between computers (that is, without using cloud server) and the connection is encrypted using AES encryption with 256-bit key, which is created on the basis of your “Secret”, BTSync represented by its creators as a very safe way to synchronize data. Anyway, since the code of the application is closed, many do not agree.
Now back to the GUI: BitTorrent Sync offers a graphical interface for Windows and Mac, but on Linux is available only web interface through which you can manage BitTorrent Sync. For this reason, Leo Moll have created an informal and unofficial BitTorrent Sync GUI for Linux. Ubuntu and Linux Mint users will also be able to use the index (which has been available for some time) that displays the status of the synchronization has options to pause, and so on.

Opportunities BitTorrent Sync GUI:

*add and remove a local/remote folder, generation folders (including QR code for mobile devices)

*displays a list of connected devices and their status

*displays the speed of downloading data

*the ability to change the device name

*option to limit the speed of reception/data peresadki

*option to set the listening port

*advanced options: scan interval folders, limit local peer, encryption LAN data and much more

BitTorrent Sync GUI

BitTorrent Sync GUIBitTorrent Sync GUI

In my experience I have not encountered any bugs, but there are some things that can not be implemented BTSync GUI for lack API: you can only see the active speed transmission, but not something that’s passed, and still no history file transfers.

Install BitTorrent Sync with unofficial GUI in Linux Mint:
1. Add unofficial repository BitTorrent Sync
To add an informal BitTorrent Sync PPA in Ubuntu and its derivatives (Linux Mint, elementary OS, pinguy OS and so on), as well as in Debian, use the following commands:

sudo apt-get install curl sh-c “$(curl-fsSL”

Then follow the instructions.

2. Then install BitTorrent Sync with its interface:
With Ubuntu AppIndicator (the difference is that this package installs the dependencies for AppIndicator):

sudo apt-get install btsync-gui

Without AppIndicator:

sudo apt-get install btsync-gui-gtk

BitTorrent Sync GUIBitTorrent Sync GUI

BitTorrent Sync GUIBitTorrent Sync GUI

To report bugs you can on the project page on GitHub.

Good Luck!!!

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2022 years ago

Thanks for the tuto 🙂

See this line, it needs 2 spaces: sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

after "sh", and after "curl -" 🙂