Information about the use of RAM in Linux

Information about the use of RAM in Linux

In this article, we will look at how to get information about RAM in Linux. We will use the command line utilities available for Linux Mint and most Linux distributions.We will look at different ways to view information about available and occupied RAM.
Free and used RAM
You can use various utilities and commands to get information about the amount of free and used RAM in Linux. Consider a few common ways.

The free command is very simple, it displays information about the total amount of RAM, the amount of occupied and free memory, as well as the use of the swapping file.
By default, the amount of memory is displayed in kilobytes. Using options, you can output the amount of memory in other formats. Some options:

-m – in megabytes
-g – in gigabytes
-h – automatically detect format

Free and used RAM

The vmstat command displays various statistics on memory usage. Using the -s key, you can display detailed statistics in tabular form.

vmstat. Information about the use of RAM in Linux

top is a command-line utility that is used to monitor processes and computer resources used.
The header displays information about the used RAM.

top utility. Information about the use of RAM in Linux

To exit the utility press the q key.

The htop utility, like top, is used to monitor resources and processes. My favorite RAM utility.
To install the htop utility on Ubuntu Linux (Linux Mint and other Ubuntu/Debian distributions), run:
sudo apt install htop

htop utility. Information about the use of RAM in Linux

cat /proc/meminfo
The above commands, as a source of information, use system files from files stored in the virtual file system /proc. The /proc/meminfo file contains information about memory usage.

cat /proc/meminfo. Information about the use of RAM in Linux

There are many graphical programs to monitor the use of computer resources. Such as I-NEX or CPU-X.
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