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Docky - advanced shortcut bar
Docky - Doc (launcher) for a desktop. Doc looks pretty nice, though not replete graphical effects. Supports skins. Docky is not demanding of computer resources. In the dock you can add the
Todo Indicator - Applet Indicator task list
Todo Indicator - simple AppIndicator, allowing you to reap the benefits and simplicity todo.txt. The indicator displays the list of tasks in the file todo.txt and allows you to mark tasks as done
Install Yandex.Disk - free Cloud storage
A file storage service accessible from any internet-enabled device. Once you connect the Drive you will reach a 11 GB. The full synchronization across Windows, OS X, iPhone, Android,

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Install Grive-Tools free google drive client
  Disk (Google Drive) - cloud data warehouse, owned by Google , allowing users to store their data on servers in the cloud and share them with other users online. After activation replaces

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