/ f.lux - saves your eyesight adjusting the brightness

f.lux - saves your eyesight adjusting the brightness

All PC users know that the vision should be protected. Children need to limit the time that a child spends at the monitor. For users of older need to do exercises for the eyes, frequent breaks in the work for the PC. But sometimes you may need computer help in the form of a useful and effective software. We will focus on the desired program called f.lux.

The program changes the color profile of the monitor depending on the time of day. At night our eyes are less tired from the warm color (2700 K), and in the daytime from cold tones (6500 K), which are more consistent with the daylight. If easier, the date the monitor is operating normally, and in the dark, the brightness of the monitor is muted.

Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nathan-renniewaldock/flux
sudo apt update
sudo apt install fluxgui
When the utility starts, it will appear in the system tray.
f.lux - saves your eyesight adjusting the brightness Now you need to configure f.lux. We need to specify the coordinates of the location in which you reside. This is to ensure that the utility knew exactly what time of the day in your city or town.f.lux - saves your eyesight adjusting the brightnessGo to the opened page. In the top row, write your town. Click the Search button. At the bottom, below the map, you will see the coordinates that you want to paste into the program.f.lux - saves your eyesight adjusting the brightness Enter your location in the settings. Mark item Autostart f.lux indicator applet to the utility was run together with the operating system.f.lux - saves your eyesight adjusting the brightnessThe version for Linux has a slightly reduced functionality compared to the Windows version. But this fact does not prevent f.lux effectively do their job, so keep your eyes and vision safely.
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28-02-2015, 00:34
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