/ Ulauncher - lightweight application launcher

Ulauncher - lightweight application launcher

This is a small launcher application written in Python. It loads quickly, uses little resources and can run virtually any desktop environment (for example, it works fine in Openbox session with tint2).
Ulauncher makes the work almost the same way as other similar applications, for example, Albert, Synapse, Kupfer, Alawalk, Zazu...
App allows you to:
Ulauncher is very fast and responsive, instantly displaying the search results. Does not lose speed by moving through the folders tree under search folders. You can assume a typo in app name or folder, and the app will still find what you need.
You can also set the app to remember previously selected applications and folders to choose the most relevant option in the search results.
Ulauncher - lightweight application launcherUlauncher comes with two built-in plugins for search in Google and Wikipedia. Simple enough to use: type 'g' before your search terms to search in Google, and use 'w' to search in Wikipedia.
Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
PPA will be available with the next release.
1. Download DEB package
Ulauncher - lightweight application launcher
2. Install it and run
Ulauncher - lightweight application launcher Good Luck!!!
15-03-2017, 12:33
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