Ht5streamer application for streaming HTML5 video in Linux Mint

Ht5streamer application for streaming HTML5 video in Linux MintHt5streamer application for streaming HTML5 video in Linux Mint

Ht5streamer application streaming, based on node-webkit and developed using web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScipt and CSS. It allows you to view videos from Youtube, Dailymotion and supports plugins for other services, which can be easily installed. You can access most sites, such as Youtube and Dailymotion, right from your desktop. This cross-platform application available for Linux, MS Windows and OS X.

Using this application you will be able to find (with filters, such as HD or 3D) and view video files from video, extract audio tracks from video, save video on hard drive in a different quality or to view the proposed video. As for the functionality of the player, the app boasts features HD playback, support full screen mode, view the most popular and best video search by category and also by playing the recorded videos from your local hard drive with support for the database.

– search and view videos or playlists
– download videos
– convert audio from videos to mp3
– seek in videos
– fullscreen (with button in the player or the f touch and escape to exit or f too)
– browse suggested videos
– category search/browsing
– best rated/most popular browsing
– playlists search
– local playlist with database

– everything without flash plugin and only html5 player

Installation into Linux Mint:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/appssudo apt-get updatesudo apt-get install ht5streamer

Good Luck!!!

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