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Tano Player - comfortable viewing IPTV / IP-TV

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Tano Player - comfortable viewing IPTV / IP-TV

Among the stated functions - TimeShift and record on schedule,and interactivity allows you to view the help for the film/transfer, description, annotation. Even possible to record specific gear if enabled EPG.
Tano has separate settings for each channel (the channel list you can run a separate window), add your own channels, support programs, the recording of the stream to the file, background recording channels (the number depends on the ability of the line).
Tano is integrated in the system tray, automatically updates the available resources (there is a dialogue update management), is the scheduler recording/viewing, you can control the player with the keyboard control keys tune).
  • Fully functional multimedia player. Play SD and HD TV channels.
  • Channel list is the heart of Tano. Have your channels like on a TV.
  • See what is comming up. Use integrated schedule to plan your watching.
  • Record your favourite shows. Never miss a movie again.
Tano PlayerTano Player
Installation latest version into Linux Mint:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ntadej/tano
sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y tano
Good Luck!!!

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  1. mintlinux
    mintlinux 26 December 2016 10:33
    sudo apt install -y tano
    Чтение списков пакетов… Готово
    Построение дерева зависимостей
    Чтение информации о состоянии… Готово
    E: Не удалось найти пакет tano
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    1. Shekin 26 December 2016 10:34
      Wily (15.10), Xenial (16.04)
      * tano 2.0 - waiting for release
      * libvlc-qt 1.0 - pending
      * Extra packages:
      - VLC - not needed
      - udpxy - OK

      Trusty (14.04)
      * tano 2.0 - waiting for release
      * libvlc-qt 1.0 - pending
      * Extra packages:
      - VLC - OK
      - udpxy - OK
      tano 1.2.1-1~trusty

      Да ты прав, у них в репозитории отсутствует этот пакет для последних версий операционной системы. Для линейки Linux Mint 17 есть. Для 18 нет. Остается ждать.
      Yes you are right, they have in the repository is missing this package for the latest versions of the operating system. For the line of Linux Mint 17. For 18 no. Need wait.
      x64 Linux Mint 18.3 cinnamon
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  2. Martin Francois
    Martin Francois 7 November 2017 05:01
    Configurer PureVPN sur Kodi en suivant c'est simple etapes :
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